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Student Spotlight: Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is a junior at Olney Friends School. She hails from the small town of Lodi, New York, which is near Ithaca. She has been walking Olney’s hallowed halls for two and half years now, though her sister Mishka (a graduate of the Class of 2015) made the journey here first. Rachel and her sister discovered Olney [...]

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Student Spotlight: Julian Sun

Senior Julian Sun has spent nearly four years becoming an integral part of the Olney Friends School community. Possessing a natural charisma with a diverse set of skills and talents, Julian has embraced his role as a student leader and mentor. For those who know him, it's hard to imagine that Julian's Olney experience [...]

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Student Spotlight: David Ulin-O'Keefe

Junior David Ulin-O'Keefe has established quite a connection with Friends education. Before coming to Olney as a sophomore in 2014, David attended Arthur Morgan School in Burnsville, North Carolina. During the first semester of this year, David also studied abroad at Monteverde Friends School in Costa Rica. Throughout [...]

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Student Spotlight: Antonia Sigmon

Sophomore Antonia Sigmon has lived near Olney Friends School for years, but it was her love of music that first brought her to campus.

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Student Spotlight: Joe Velick

Sophomore Joe Velick's first visit to Olney Friends School came nearly seven years ago. His connection to the school, however, dates back further.

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Student Spotlight: Malaya Tindongan

Freshman Malaya Tindongan, though small in stature, is already one of Olney Friends School's biggest personalities: vibrant, bubbly, and perpetually social. Six months in to her Olney career, it's hard to believe that, at one point, she was a quiet, reserved girl with mixed feelings about the school.

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Student Spotlight: Tae Min Kim

If you visit Olney's website or Facebook frequently, there's a good chance you have seen one of the great art pieces created by senior Tae Min Kim. A native of Incheon, South Korea, Tae Min has spent his entire high school career at Olney Friends School, following in the footsteps of his brother, Taehwan, who [...]

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