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Tradition Meets Tumbling at Gym Ex 2016

On a chilly Friday evening last March, Liarucha Zahnke-Basuki performed in her first Gymnastics Exhibition at Olney Friends School. Toward the end of the event, she stood in the gymnasium doorway, holding back tears as she watched members of the class of 2015 perform their senior skit.

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February Fridays: Week One

A recent Olney Friends School tradition, "February Fridays" officially kicked off this afternoon.

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Open House Event: February 14th and 15th

Attention Middle and High School Students Olney Friends School welcomes you to our upcoming open house event!

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Creative Decorating on Display During "Room Beautiful"

On Saturday, students in both the boys and girls dorms prepared their living spaces for Olney's annual "Room Beautiful" event. Some opted for elaborate decorative expression while others took a minimalist approach. Several rooms featured complex furniture arrangements and a few had snacks (including a classy cheese [...]

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Community Project: December 9th, 2015

As the holiday season nears, Olney students and faculty are also celebrating "Greens Week." Vegetables from our organic farm have made their way into our daily meals, including mizzuna rolls and a delicious veggie lasagna. On Wednesday, the community picked Brussels sprouts that were also served this week.

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Wilderness Survival Visits Dysart Woods and Dolly Sodds

We all connect with nature in different ways.

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Fall Outing Takes Olney to The National Aviary

Pittsburgh's National Aviary -- one of the premiere bird zoos in the country -- was the destination for Tuesday's "Fall Outing." Students saw nearly a dozen exhibits and attended educational presentations during the morning and early afternoon before exploring the city.

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Olney Community Prepares for Sorghum Festival

During Homecoming weekend, Olney will hold its first annual Sorghum Festival. From 1:00-4:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 24th, top campus will be open to the public for an event featuring numerous vendors, live music, food, face painting and other family-friendly activities as well as a sorghum boiling demonstration.

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