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Olney Attends Ecofest at Oglebay Institute

Micah Brownstein and a group of Olney students are at the Oglebay Institute in Wheeling, WV today for ‪#‎Ecofest‬, sharing the story of our commitment to environmental education and sustainability.

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February Fridays: Week Three

This past weekend, the sophomore class joined humanities teachers Emily Carton and Eric Lundblade for a visit to Philadelphia. Photos of their trip can be found on Olney's student-run Instagram page.

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February Fridays: Week Two

This past Friday, the Junior class journeyed to Cleveland. You can view photos from their excursion on the Olney Friends School Instagram account.

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Olney Friends School's senior class is spending the weekend in Washington D.C. Senior Maddie Allen is currently compiling fun photos from the trip. Be sure to follow our student-run Instagram account and check the #OlneyinDC hashtag for updates.

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The First Step in Growing Lunch

While students build snow forts in front of the main, the Olney farmers are planning what will be on lunch plates next August. Sandy Sterrett and Mark Hibbett have been doing research, making lists, ordering seeds, and scheduling planting for our 350 acre organic farm.

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There's No Days Like Snow Days!

The term "snow day" is somewhat foreign to boarding school lexicon. With the majority of students living on campus, there is little need to cancel classes because of inclimate weather. That being said, calling Tuesday afternoon a "snow day" would be appropriate.

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Community Project: December 9th, 2015

As the holiday season nears, Olney students and faculty are also celebrating "Greens Week." Vegetables from our organic farm have made their way into our daily meals, including mizzuna rolls and a delicious veggie lasagna. On Wednesday, the community picked Brussels sprouts that were also served this week.

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Community Project and Art Endeavors - November 2015

Wednesdays have become a source of excitement for both students and faculty here at Olney. Mornings are home to "community project time," which encourages stewardship, team building and physical exercise while afternoons feature our weekly art block, allowing students to express themselves creatively through a variety [...]

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