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Students Learn to Bake in Survival Endeavor

In recent years, one of the more popular electives at Olney Friends School has been a wilderness survival Endeavor that places students in a hypothetical post-apocalyptic world where they are forced to forage for themselves without the luxuries and conveniences that have stifled the self-sufficiency of recent generations. While the names and faces change each year, one constant remains throughout: these are practical, beneficial skills that not nearly enough people possess.

On the heels of an exciting Homecoming weekend filled with lots of food and fun, Monday's class focused on making "campfire bread," which involves starting a fire and maintaining a consistent heat of around 350 degree Fahrenheit. Students then prepared a honey wheat bread by mixing ingredients and kneading their dough before placing it in a Dutch Oven and heating under coal for 20-30 minutes.

In recent weeks, the Endeavor has also explored foraging, first aid, and shelter building activities.