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Olney Visits Barnesville Village Council Meeting

Standing strong in our Quaker tradition of stewardship, Olney Friends School answered a call to action to protect our drinking water supply. Twenty-five students and faculty attended the Barnesville Village Council meeting on Monday, November 28 to urge Council to include the following statement in the area Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP): We ask that the gas extraction industry avoid the siting of shale well pads within the Slope Creek Reservoir Watershed.

As we feared, Council overlooked the peer-reviewed science and warranted concerns of the residents and approved the protection plan without including the suggested language. After the meeting, Olney students expressed dissatisfaction that the Council gave such little insight into the rationale for their not including the suggested wording in the SWPP.

Environmental Science teacher Leonard Guindon has contacted the Barnesville Village Administrator to see if he or a councilman would come to Olney's Environmental Science class so students can could learn more about the SWPP and the decision making process.

More information about this story can be found in a video on the WTOV-9 website.