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Seniors Host Graddy Fair 2016

On Sunday night, seniors participated in Olney's annual "Graddy Fair." In coordination with their graddy essays, students are required to give presentations on a topic of their choosing. This year's fair featured the following presentations:

Adrien Taylor: Nietzsche, Feminism & the Transgendered

Maddie Aerona Alen: Women in the Arts

Anteneh Asratu: Dr. Rick Hodes

Cayce Morrison: Wilderness and Imagination

Hauen Lee: Dissociative Identity Disorder

Julian Fahl-Matlack: Calvin & Hobbes

Julian Sun: Music and Emotion

Kate Arling: Drought in California

Kelsi Chavez: Indigenous Education in Ecuador

Lan Nguyen: Empathy for a Better Life

Lex Liu: The Glass Steagal Act

Liarucha Zahnke-Basuki: The Physiology of Empathy

Taemin Kim: Fairytales and Stereotypes