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February Fridays: Week Two

This past Friday, the Junior class journeyed to Cleveland. You can view photos from their excursion on the Olney Friends School Instagram account.

Back on campus, however, students spent the afternoon engaging in a variety of fun activities.

Shed Repair: Stewardship plays a major role in the lives of our students, and caring for our campus and properties is an integral part of an Olney education. After bundling up in coveralls -- it was pretty chilly outside -- Biology teacher Leonard Guindon '70 and a group of students visited the Plummer Woods to work on repairing a shed in desperate need of some TLC.

Archery: Dean of Students Micah Brownstein and kitchen staff Jeff Howell provided an introductory archery course, demonstrating proper bow technique and safety. Students created custom targets in the dining room and later took aim on the soccer field.

Punk Feminism: Senior Maddie Allen and sophomore Antonia Sigmon led a workshop exploring punk feminism. After watching videos on the history of the movement, students created their own "zines," which were placed strategically around campus.

Chopped: Based on the popular Food Network television show, three groups of students were given a basket of "mystery items" -- cabbage, pears, hard-boiled eggs, and avocados -- and tasked with preparing dishes incorporating these ingredients. Their dishes were served to faculty and students, who judged the food on taste, plating, and creativity.

Photos from the events can be found below.