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February Fridays: Week Three

This past weekend, the sophomore class joined humanities teachers Emily Carton and Eric Lundblade for a visit to Philadelphia. Photos of their trip can be found on Olney's student-run Instagram page.

On campus, February Fridays activities continued with a wide variety of activities.

Hiking & Camping: A small group ventured out to Bark Camp State Park for an afternoon of hiking before spending the night camping in the Plummer Woods.

Rube Goldberg Experiments: Several devices and contraptions were created in the hopes of accomplishing a simple goal through a series of chain reactions.

Quilting: Colorful fabrics were selected and sewn together to create aesthetically pleasant patterns.

Awful Offal: The name says it all! Students prepared chicken feet, beef liver, beef tongue, and other delectable, nutrient-rich offerings. Bon appetite!

Baking: Students showed off their culinary (and dance) skills. While their finished products smelled delicious, it was the impromptu dance sessions in the kitchen that highlighted this event.