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Early Entrance Option at Olney Friends School

Chloe, a prospective student in Olney's Early Entrance Option, works on a project in the Stillwater Science Center with environmental scientists from Yale University.


Olney’s project-based, individualized curriculum allows for greater flexibility in our learning environment. This enables us to offer an early entrance option for mature, self-motivated students who are 13 years of age and would normally be entering the 8th grade but instead can accelerate to high school in a safe, caring, supportive, non-competitive environment.  Our college-preparatory academic program can be completed in 3 to 5 years, and progression is determined largely by the efforts and performance of the individual student.

Instead of entire classes taking tests at the same time, students are able to demonstrate mastery of material when they are ready to do so, on an individual basis. This means that students can progress at a their own pace and are not penalized by needing more time or opportunities to demonstrate mastery. Alternatively, students may also work faster without being held back by others in a class.

Please contact Olney Friends School if you are interested in learning more about the Early Entrance Option. You can reach us by calling 740-425-3655 or by email: