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Creativity, Culture and Community Essential to the Olney Experience

Wednesdays at Olney Friends School

...allow for exploration, expression and both individual and community growth.

That growth, we believe, extends far beyond the lessons that can be learned from a textbook or during a lecture in a traditional classroom setting. Because of this, Olney tries to make use of our rich Quaker heritage, abundant natural resources and intentionally small, international community to provide educational opportunities that transcend the typical high school experience. We also believe that we can learn a great deal about ourselves and others through collaboration.

Each Wednesday, students and faculty at Olney have the opportunity to express their creativity, explore their culture and build their community through a unique series of meetings, projects and Endeavors.

Community Meeting

In the morning, time is set aside for faculty and students to discuss issues pertaining to the spiritual, social, cultural and academic health of the school community. Olney strives to provide a comfortable, conducive, supportive and inclusive living and learning environment. We value the individualism and identity inherent in each student, and these open-forum style discussions allow for an honest dialogue of questions, comments, complaints and concerns pertaining to all aspects of community life.

Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship allows for an extended period of silent, mindful community reflection. While we hold Collection during the mornings and evenings throughout the academic week, Meeting for Worship provides a rare opportunity for students and faculty to completely disconnect and disengage from the rampant interconnectivity of daily life and reflect on their lives in ways they may be unable to otherwise.

Community Projects

Before lunch, an hour is set aside for community projects. Since the majority of Olney students and many members of our faculty claim residence on campus during the school year, we actively take ownership and stewardship of our temporary home. As such, projects may take place inside the Main or the student dormitories, near the soccer field or the lake, on the farm or elsewhere on our 350-acre campus.

Art Endeavors

After lunch, students meet for a three hour art block where, thus far during the 2015-2016 academic year, they have been able to express their creativity through woodworking, digital videography, murals and collages. These Endeavors allow for artistic explorations of self-identity, society and culture across various mediums while also allowing students to develop a series of practical, technical skills that will last a lifetime. You can click here to read more about our Art Endeavors.

So, what does a Wednesday at Olney look like?


Olney Boarding School OhioHumanities teacher Eric Lundblade and Senior Taemin Kim clear a log from the trail that students have been building this year.



Olney Friends SchoolSenior Adrien Taylor performs an improvised lampooning of a recent presidential candidate's monologue during his Digital Videography Endeavor.



Olney Friends SchoolFrosh Malaya Tindongan assists her peers in moving firewood



MuralStudents in the Murals Endeavor brought the school's walls to life.



Olney Friends SchoolFrosh Jimmy Leek and students in the Woodworking Endeavor are completing a variety of projects.



Olney Friends SchoolSenior Lan Nguyen and Frosh Lily Lian pose for a photo on the soccer field under a beautiful Autumn sky


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